Keynote Speaker & Author

After dedicating more than 35 years assisting governments and businesses on public safety programs, Johan has become one of the leading experts in narco-terrorism and transnational crime. He has been the pioneer in exposing “El Cartel de los Soles” (The Cartel of the Suns), the first government-run narcotrafficking cartel, and fighting it globally.

This cartel has been one of the main elements of regional destabilization in Latin America and Africa. Johan has been the first narco-terrorist expert to create awareness about operations, money-laundering schemes and the implications of narco-terrorist groups specially operating in Latin America as well as in the Arabian Gulf.



His fight against narco-terrorism compelled him to flee Venezuela, arriving to Canada as the first Venezuelan refugee. Nonetheless, Johan still speaks at top military conferences around the world and supports global as well as regional security initiatives; he mentors hundreds of university students from many countries. Additionally, he serves on boards regarding topics such as global diplomacy, autism, defense, and First Nations’ issues; these boards are located in Europe, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada, and South America. Last but not least, Johan is actively involved with philanthropic initiatives to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, restore democracy, and the rule of law in his motherland.

Combining his know-how in different fields, alongside with a fantastic team of professionals, Johan is glad to present his private consulting services to the government and private sector.

Hoping that the information provided is relevant to your interests, allow Johan to assist you in the most effective and safer manner.